Is there any way to disable "Someone is at the front door"?

Hi all,

Is there anyway to keep the audio alert through my echo devices without the echo device saying, “Someone is at the front door”?


Not at this time, @Keo . However, I have sent your feedback to the team!


I am getting this message apparently randomly and it is very annoying. It is coming from my phone and not the Echo box.

I like the seasonal sounds but following them up with “Someone is at the front door” is ANNOYING.


@Keo I don’t have a doorbell so can only comment for cameras, you can disable that motion alert within the Alexa app under devices.

You can then set up a Alexa routine to alert you on any motion with just a sound (choices available) or a verbal notice (you can type in what ever you want Alexa to say when there is motion) or a combination of both and other wonderful things!