Is there a Ring device that can record continuously?

I’ve had a Ring Video Doorbell for over a year. Its been great and I love it.

Now, I have a special problem which I hope will last only a short time. No more than a month. One of my backyard neighbors leaves a bright light on, which is in her backyard, all night. This causes me to get, at most 2 hours of sleep. I’ve spoken to her about it, saying that its bad for my sleep, bad for my health, and could cause me to at least lose days of sick leave and possibly even have an accident driving into work. She doesn’t care. I’ve spoken to my City people, but they are convinced that the bright light is on only 30 minutes all night. Which is blatantly WRONG!

So, now I’ve got to prove the bright back light is on for hours. That made me think of getting some sort of Ring device to watch the house all night, recording continuously from 10 PM to 7 AM the next day. Is there a Ring device(s) that will do that? Which one (or ones) do you recommend?

Hi @RodAtHome. As of right now, we do not have any Ring devices that will record continuously 24/7. All of the Ring cameras will record when they detect motion or if you activate a Live View.

Thank you very much, @Justin_Ring