Is there a manager? Someone in charge who can actually get something done?

Dear Ring
Put in an order, get and email “Thanks for your purchase! We’re processing your order now…”
Get an other email, “Your Ring Package Has Shipped!”
It arrives today with only half the order and no explanation. None of the emails gave an explanation.
Have to get on to your chat. Find out, stuff is backorder. Only part of the order was shipped. Not of this was communicated.
The person on your chat, “The rest of the order will be sent in 2-3 week. Supply issues.” And that’s the best answer. “Sorry for the inconveniences.”

And this is customer service? And this is the best option, go to our Ring Community.

You’ve got to be kidding.

Not happy about this.

This is not helpful. The point is not that something is on backorder. The point is that it wasn’t communicated and that the best they can do is say “2-3 week.”

Moreover that their answer to talking to someone how can do something is to direct me to here.

Hi @user20092. I’m sorry to hear your order hasn’t arrived yet and there were delays in it being sent out to you. I do want to clarify that the Ring Community is not part of the support team, and we do not have access to account information or order history. The Community is a peer-to-peer forum where neighbors can interact with one another, and our team is here to provide any general troubleshooting assistance where we can. To leave feedback about your support experience, you’ll want to follow up with our support team so they can notate that.

There must be a way to talk to someone at Ring who can actually do something. Waisted my time yesterday with someone on their “customer service” chat.
Can you email someone there? Is a real customer service email address or somthing?