Is there a bug preventing Alexa communication

I’ve set up numerous Video-doorbell-pros to work Amazon Echo (Alexa) devices. Recently (in the last month) I’ve run into a communication issue. I set up the Ring doorbell with primarily Echo Dots. When I ask Alexa to “talk to the doorbell”, Alexa responds with “the Alexa enabled device doesn’t support that”. I know that the Ring device is communicating with Alexa as I can push the doorbell outside and Alexa will “announce it” on the Echo device. With the Ring always home application I can go into live view without issue. I’ve made sure the microphone is unmuted in live view. Any tips/suggestions appreciated.

Hi @dnorton58. A great place to start with this is our Help Center Article on troubleshooting Alexa and your Ring devices here. You’ll want to try disabling and re-enabling the Ring skill in the Alexa App first, as this typically resolves connection problems. If the steps in there don’t do the trick, you can contact Alexa’s support team directly here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: