Is Ring suddenly requiring a subscription for Alexa Motion Sensor Alerts?

Everything had been working fine for months. I have two ring cameras. Not paying for a subscription but was able to set up the Alexa skill so that when motion was detected an audible alert was sent to my Alexa device.

I had to install a new Alexa hub in my home. In doing so, I had to redirect the Ring notifications to the new Alexa device. Once I did that, the motion alert notifications completely ceased.

So, I went into Alexa skills to see what was wrong. Now, when I select MOTION ALERT I get a message saying that it requires a Ring subscription. Is this a new thing? It’s odd that everything stopped working when I redirected the alerts to another device.

I still get motion alerts on my iPhone so I know the camera is working fine. Just odd that under the free plan, I can no longer receive motion alerts on Alexa. Doesn’t make sense.

Finally started working on its own again. Problem solved.


Hi @NJRonbo. Glad to hear that this is working for you!