Is Ring Doorbell Wired Comparable?

Hello, my current doorbell system is a button which is connected to an old school bell which rings when you hold the doorbell button and stops ringing when you release.
It is hardwired to the bell and then to the transformer.

Will the Ring Doorbell Wired work with this system?

Will my mechanical bell still work or would I need to buy a new chime with built in transformer? If this latter is the case, what do I do with the old transformer currently connected ? Do I just disconnect and use direct power to the chime and to.the bell.

Many thanks

Hi @Amuqtadir99. The Ring Doorbell Wired does not ring internal chime kits, and is compatible only with an existing doorbell system that includes a low voltage 8-24VAC transformer. The Video Doorbell Wired requires you to bypass the existing doorbell chime which means your existing chime will not sound. To continue hearing audio alerts in your home, you can pair the Video Doorbell Wired with an existing Ring Chime, or a compatible Alexa device. You can also find more information on the installation process in our Help Center Article here. I hope this information helps!

How can one tell what kind of voltage one has going to the doorbell? I’ve just connected the existing doorbell wires to the Ring unit. Now I’m worried in case I’ve damaged the Ring video doorbell. How can I tell if it’s functioning fine with the existing wiring?

Voltage testers are relatively inexpensive. That’s how I was able to measure the voltage of my doorbell wiring.

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Ok, thanks, Amazon recommends “KAIWEETS HT100 Voltage Tester, Dual-Range 12V-1000V/48V 1000V Non-Contact Electrical Tester, Voltage Sensitivity Electric Compact Pen with NCV, LED Flashlight, Buzzer Alarm, Wire Breakpoint Finder” and you’re right it’s less than £10.

But the original wires are tiny so my best guess is that the supply is not standard voltage. It’s a new build house in London. I had assumed that writing to door bells was standard and that Ring doorbell would be designed for standard supply.

Hate to be negative, but contractors building houses cut corners all the time so you can never be really sure what they put “in the walls.” My house is 60+ years old (the old doorbell is likely around 10-20 yrs old) so I had to measure just to be sure as I didn’t want to fry the new expensive doorbell.

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There is a box mounted by the front door inside and I just thought it housed the bell, but actually looks like it might also be a transformer. Im going to see if I can post a picture of it.

I’m not an electrician but I’d suppose the numbers on the diagram might indicate voltage. I do see that the wiring is rather tiny, so I’d suppose you’d be fine. But don’t take my word on it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Hopefully will hear from Caitlyn from Ring on this. I presume support staff work Monday to Friday.

I also wondered about the battery. If the device is running on battery can one tell?

Looking more closely I see it says 8V.

Ok, a Google search shows me that the Gothe 50811 is a transformer from 240 volts to 8V for standard door bells. Phew! Mains must run to there, then the 8V wires run to the old doorbell and back, ringing the bell installed with the transformer.