Is Ring affected by the Log4j vulnerability?

Is Ring affected by the Log4j vulnerability? Any news if they’re affected or if there are any updates that needs to be installed? This vulnerability is taking the internet by storm and anyone of us are vulnerable to this.


I’d also be interested if there are updates related to this.

Me too, we use these cameras at work and i have to disconnect them if I cannot get any info regarding if they pose a network vulnerability.

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Like others, I also need confirmation on this vulnerability as soon as possible.

Please respond, Ring. This vulnerability was rated a 10.0 severity rating and is generally considered one of the worst vulnerabilities of all time due to the ease of exploit and how widespread it’s use is. It pops up in the most unexpected places (my Hubitat was vulnerable), so it’s not unreasonable to ask if Ring devices, software, and services are affected. We would like a response as soon as possible.

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As of their latest Ring Central postings - no vulnerabilities thusfar.