Is my chime compatible?

Recently moved and upon trying to fit our ring (1st gen) doorbell I find that it doesn’t actually trigger the chime in the new house.

  • the chime is mechanical
  • it’s a greenbrook DHT01AN-C (apparently the new model name for DHT01A-C)
  • it has an internal transformer
  • connecting the ring doorbell doesn’t seem to do anything. The button ring doesn’t light up and the device health report says ‘battery’. Although I’m uncertain if this 1st gen doorbell will say ‘power’ or not.
  • this chime appears to be listed on the compatible AND incompatible mechanical chime lists.

So, my question is: will this chime work or not? I’d prefer to wire the doorbell in so it’ll charge itself and won’t rely on Wi-fi to ring the chime. So if it is in fact incompatible, then I may need to replace it with another chime.

Hey @Blackboxideas. I have a hunch that you have the Embassy DHT01AN-C and not just the DHT01A-C, which is not the Embassy version. Do you see that word anywhere on the internal chime kit? If we’re able to tell which one exactly you have, it would help make better sense of it! Once hardwired with a compatible chime kit, the Doorbell will show are powered in the Ring app’s Device Health for the device. You can also try to replace it with a different, newer internal chime kit that is from the compatible list, and let me know how that goes if you do that!

Hi Chelsea_ring,

I don’t see the word ‘embassy’ but it has the model number DHT01AN-C inside the chime kit.

In that case if the DHT01AN-C isn’t compatible it’d explain the issue.

Any recommendations for a different chime? I’d like to wire the doorbell in (so I don’t have to charge it) - although I guess I need a chime with an internal transformer too, as I suspect there isn’t one here currently on the doorbell circuit.