Is it possible to reboot Doorbell 2 via app?

Is there another way to reboot the video door bell 2 via the app for instance so that it picks up a belkin WiFi extender without having to go through the trouble of removing the doorbell cover each time and pressing button in top right corner? If its not currently possible, it may be an idea for Ring to create a reboot via the app.

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nope, it is a known thing with Ring. Wyse cameras can be rebooted remotely.

Seems so outdated in today’s world this needs to be done manually. It’s such a pain getting the security screwdriver out to do a manual reset when the WiFi goes down. The Doorbell will always lock onto the the main router at my property first and the app says poor signal, before the WiFi extender has had a chance to come online. Hopefully, Ring will look at this in the future and come up with a soft reboot option in the app for the Doorbells in a firmware update. Here’s hoping…


Hi neighbors! You can now reboot your Ring Doorbell or Security Camera from the Ring app as long as it is still online and connected to the internet. You can read more in our Help Center Article here . If you’re experiencing any concerns with the performance of your Ring Doorbell or Security Camera, you can use this feature to reboot it from within the Ring app as a troubleshooting step. As with all new features, this is on a slow rollout so you may not see the feature in your Ring app yet. :slight_smile: