Is it possible to disable alerts on disarmed mode, but still record every movement?


I’ve placed a Stickup Elite cam in my basement, I want to record all movement (even on disarmed mode) but I don’t want get notified to my phone every time someone moves.

For other modes I would like to get notified + record. I’m not sure where I can do this, it seems that in “Modes” I can toggle “Motion Detection” which will either disable or enable both alerts and recordings (see image)

I don’t have a base station, may get it in the future.

Is it possible?

Hi @Koykoyk. For this concern, you can open the Ring app and select your device. From there, just toggle of Motion Alerts. This will allow your device to record motion, but not notify you of every alert. Let me know if this helps!

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Hey, thanks for your reply.

I’m not sure my point was clear, I want to disable alerts only on disarmed mode, not all modes. (But still keep recordings of movements)

On other modes I want alerts+recordings to be enabled.

I hope that was clear,

Hi @Koykoyk. Thanks for clarifying. To accomplish this, I would suggest setting up a Motion Schedule for the times that you’re in Disarmed mode. You can learn more about this here.

Thanks for your reply.

I’m honestly a bit puzzled here. I’m not sure if I’m not understanding the product or the product doesn’t fit basic needs.

Are all people hanging out at home getting notified for all of their movements? Isn’t it a basic requirement for people to not receive notifications when they are at their home?

Tom, the solution you suggested is basically letting the app know twice that I’m home or away. One time through the main mode and another time schedule an immediate schedule that I’m leaving my home.

I would appreciate your input on Ring’s approach here. How do you see the product being used vs what I’m doing?

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Hi @Koykoyk. For clarification, notifications are not tied to the Modes settings at this time. They are controlled independently of Modes. The options available to turn off alerts would be the following:

The option to control notifications or alerts within the Modes settings has been requested by other neighbors before. You can find the request here on our Feature Request board. I’d recommend adding your vote and feedback to that thread, as the Feature Request board is our team’s main way to share feedback internally.