Is it possible to adjust lighting level for the Pathlight Battery (with no motion)?

Is it possible to adjust the lighting level for the Pathlight Battery – when there is no motion? Right now it seems like the lighting level is either (a) extremely dim when there is no motion, or (b) I can temporarily set the light to on with full brightness, but that only increases the brightness temporarily.

I’d like to find a brighter setting for no motion mode somewhere in the middle so that the lights are somewhat bright and then with motion it goes full bright.

Hi @bernie06. When there is no motion detection on the lights and they are not scheduled to be on or not manually turned on, they will be in a very dim and “off” status, with no light coming out. This is to help preserve the battery life since it is a battery operated device. I could see value in this though, with the way you described it, so it is a great idea!

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I have several pathlights and some of them go completely off when the status is off, and some of them remain very dim, not sure what is it that I did differently since the only thing in common is that they ligths belong to different groups in my setup, but in my case I don’t want them to be dim, if thery are off, I want them to be completely off, any advice?