Is fluorescent light enough for solar charger?

I live in an apartment where only fluorescent tube light is available at corridor. I’m wondering if the solar charger for video doorbell (1st generation) will work under this condition?

Hey @Eyeskating. The solar panel requires direct sunlight from the sun, and therefore lights from light fixtures will not charge a solar panel, and the solar charger for your Doorbell would not be the best option here if you’re not getting around 4 hours of direct sunlight a day.

So when you say direct sunlight, does that mean the sun actually needs to hit it, or outside where it gets light? We want to put some flood cameras outside but it is shady all day where I would be able to mount the solar panel.


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Glad you asked @colburnfam! When using our battery powered/ solar compatible devices, the optimal and intended charge will come from maximized sunlight.

The Solar Panels do need direct sunlight for several hours to provide the intended charge. Even though an area may seem to receive sun, if the area is covered and shaded, the Solar Panels are likely missing out on optimized sunlight. They do feature a 13-ft. (3.96-m.) chord, which might help to reach a favorable area. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: