Is anyone else having an issue with Ring Support?

I growing tired and agrevated with this Ring doorbell. I had it setup and working a few months ago but not installed due to some unforseen medical issues but last week I powered it back up and started to move forward with getting it installed.

I charged it up and soom discovered that I could not access it. After a few hours I realized that it was not recognizing the phone I had used for setup. So I went to the website and discovered my Ring was no where to be found within my account.

After contacting Support I was informed that the Ownership was with someone else and NOT ME.

After proving to customer support that I was the owner with the purchasing information, my address, my phone number, my email address as well as the MAC address of the device the conversation ended with them say “Thank you! We’ll get back to you after we attempt to contact the owner in 24-48 hours.”

Wait a minute. I am the owner and I just proved it.

So now it has been days and still no word. Yesterday, 12/26/19, I contacted Support again. They still do not have an update. They have not heard back from co called “owner”.

So it seems they are placing more sweet Customer Service charm to the person who has my Ownership rather than addressing the issue with the one true owner…ME.

So I truly Hope that no one is experiencing this awful customer service.

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My situation isn’t as critical as yours, but Ring is poor at responding.

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If you need support, call customer support.


Been there and done that, and done that, and done that. I’m tired of doing that.

Me being the customer has grown tired of the endless apologizes and the lack of stepping up to help this new customer.


Sounds to me like someone hacked your system then claimed YOUR ring as theirs while you were down. I would return it to where you bought it and get a new one; then start fresh all over.

PS… they are doing the best they can with th information they have. Afterall for all they know you are the “scammer” saying it is yours when it is your neighbors, and they don’t want to give access to a hacker with all the Ring/hacker stuff that has been making the news lately.

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Hi @bshearer61, sorry to hear about these frustrations you have experienced. How are things working with your device now, was support able to get everything sorted for you?

Yes, my ownership has finally been restored back to me and two-factor security is now active. I won’t go into the details but I had to go around customer service.


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I have not had great results with customer service. My video doorbell was hacked by porch thieves. Somehow they were able to blank out the video of them steeling the package. A video a few minutes before the blanked video shows the package there. A video a few minutes after the blanked out video show the package gone. I called customer service to report it. Customer service verified what had happeded from their end, but after being on hold for 20 minutes, they came back and said that what they were seeing was impossible, so they just blew me off.

They said that it was impossible for their doorbell to be hacked, even though the WhiteHouse has been hacked, the Pentagon has been hacked, BOA and Wells Fargo have been hacked, and all three credit bureaus have been hacked, they claim that it is absolutly impossible to hack a video doorbell. Jesus, how stupid do they think we are!

They need to fess up to the issue, find the hole, and fix it.


I would check with whomever you were expecting the package from about the delivery status. I would then also ask UPS or whomever delivered it if perhaps there was a mistake and they re-picked it up and took it somelace else. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think the porch pirates can disable your Ring videos (short of stealing the Ring itself.) I notice on my videos they only record for xx amount of time and some recordings end before the movement has ended. I would also ask all of your neighbors if they have a video door bell or any sort of video recordings and if they have any videos from the time your package went missing. If you really feel strongly about it I would ask to speak with second tier Ring support or advanced support; whatever Ring calls it. If after doing all of those things you still feel there is a problem with your package I would turn those videos into the police.

There is no way for them to hack you without your email address and password. Yes, if you have and email address that was breached somewhere else and a password that was also breached somewhere else. Then they could get into your account and disable it. The odds of porch pirates going through this for an unknown item is very slim.
But if your concerned about this I’d change my password to one you’ve never used before and turn on the 2FA feature. I hope this helps.

They arnt hacking into the ring device, my WiFi, or my account. What it turns out that they are doing is using a small device that transmitts a signal that disrupts your WiFi. The Ring doorbell is connectd to your WiFi. If your WiFi is disabled then the Ring system goes down and stays down as long as the porch thief is there with the device. According to the police some of them are using baby monitors that have been modified to send out a garbage signal on the 2.4 Ghz frequency that scrambels your WiFi signal. Then when they leave, your WiFi connection is restored, and there is no evidence that they were there. They have found a way to take down the Ring system with a 20 dollar device.

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Nothing from my neighbors, and if the delivery driver came back to get the package I would have a video of it. The seller and the carrier said that the package was delivered, and I have the video showing the delivery

From talking further to technical support it looks like the video wasn’t erased, but rather the porch thieves had a simple transmitter that scrambled my WiFi signal. They said that a small transmitter can interfere with the WiFi signal and disable anything on the WiFi network which prevented the doorbell video from being uploaded properly to the cloud. Since the video is not saved locally, there is no recovering it. Apparently thieves can get a device like this for 20 to 30 dollars and they just carry it with them as they go from porch to porch. When they get far enough away, your system goes back to normal, with just blank video while they were there.

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Makes me glad I have a DVR cam system as well. It’s not wireless. It’s crazy you have to protect a package these days. It’s should be a felony. That may change some minds…

I meant to post this earlier but my issue has been resolved. It would be nice to have a ring that can be wired to my home network. I don’t trust WiFi just for these reasons.

Concerning signal interruption by want-a-be criminals, I have been trying to get Amazon to change their shipping options. It astounds me they don’t offer the option to NOT use the USPS. I would rather pay more for UPS to deliver. Why? Because I have setup my UPS account to have all of my packages delivered to my local UPS Store. Unfortunately, the USPS won’t do that. They will walk the package up to my door and place it on the steps. Now my package is exposed for the whole day until my wife or I get home.


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I’ve been able to get my packages sent to my Post office with my app and website for the USPS called Informed Delivery.
Maybe you’ll be able to use it as well.
Here’s a link on it.

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Just letting you guys know Amazon (and probably others) has a feature to deliver packages to a number of safe locations in my small town in Oregon. I knew I would be home (Sunday) so a USPS driver delivered to my home yesterday. And thanks to someone (Eagle I think) for letting us know of the USPS delivery to their local office using Informed Delivery. I have Informed Delivery, but did not know we could do that.


Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I have let my freinds whom have Rings (and other wifi video doorbells) know about this, and told them to pass it on.

Absolutely. Frustrated -irritated -disgusted. I got my ring door bell and at this time cannot get 2 step security authenicated. I was told that my Wifi signal was weak and that I need a better performance router. So I agreed and they sent me a Eero for 100 day trial then $199 afterwards. I was told all I need to do was plug it in. Hours later, I’m reconnect all my equipment, computer, printer, tablets, echo show and at this time I’ve called Ring support multiple times and everyone is telling me something different. My doorbell is not working because I have a different Wifi. The person who installed it 'hard wired it for me" - So I cannot take the back of it. Every time I call them the send me a stupid email wanting to verify who I am. I’ve called 2 times asking for the manager to call me so I can share my concerns with them. Never heard from them. The SUCK! I’ve never had so many issue like I have with RING. Thinking that this was exactly the directing that I needed to go. Would I recommend this to someone … DOUBTFUL. Customer service is terrible. You need scripts that are consistent to assist customer.

Well, I too have had issues with your support. I’ve asked for a manager to call me. Today, I’ve not heard from anyone. At this point…your customer service is pathetic. Don’t know if you would want to call and hear my complaints. This has been the worse experience that I’ve had dealing with something that was suppose to be simple. Hardly.