iPhone Battery Usage

I noticed that my iPhone 10X battery needs charging more since I installed the Ring App and all of the Ring devices. I checked battery usage in Settings and found that Ring is using between 50-60% of the battery.

Is this normal ? If not, what can I dod to lessen the Ring impact on my battery ?

Hi @madman, you can always try removing the Ring app, restarting your phone and then reinstalling the Ring app in order to see if that helps with the battery usage, as maybe it needs a fresh install. Otherwise, if you are viewing videos for lot of the time you are on the app, or preforming a lot of Live View streaming, this is going to put a damper on your battery as you are live streaming a video feed. For me personally, my battery percentage is around 2% usage in the past 10 days and that’s checking the app a couple times a day and sometimes watching videos/Live View.

Hi Chelsea,

Thank you for that explanation. But what about alerts ? When a floodlight cam, doorbell cam or spotlight cam sends a notification to the iPhone, do these alerts use much battery power ?

@madman They should not take much battery power at all! I get notifications more often than I do actually use my Ring app, so I recommend to remove and reinstall the app to see if this helps. Are you able to check in your weekly phone usage report in your phone’s settings to see how many hours/min you use the Ring app?

Thank you Chelsea, for your quick reply. Being of a certain age, I am not very good at navigating my cell phone. Especially for the kind of information that you are talking about. I have an iPhone 10X.

@madman No worries! I also have an iPhone so it’s possible navigation is the same. What I was referencing is something you can find under the Settings app on your iPhone. If you navigate to your home screen and look for the gear/cog app display that says Settings, select that and then scroll down until you see a section that says “Battery.”

From here you can put your phone into low power mode, which saves battery life and I always have it on if I’m not connected to a charger. Additionally, on the battery page, if you keep scrolling you can see what % of battery the Ring app is using. This will also tell you how much % of your battery is being used by other apps, which may help you lower your phone usage and help conserve your battery!