Iphone app: devices list nearly empty after doorbell install

I just installed a Doorbell Pro 2, which worked fine, but now when I click “Devices” in the iPhone app (5.57.0) it only shows that doorbell and the base station, and not the dozen other devices that have always shown. Those devices (contact sensors, etc…) still work: I hear chimes when they are opened, and it shows their name at the top of the app (e.g. “Garage Door Open”). Also the devices appear in the ring.com web-based portal.

The Devices list is also categorized (“Video Doorbells”, “Security”) which isn’t a view I’ve seen on the app before. I updated the Ring app to the latest version as of today.

Hi @SoCalDad. What happens when you tap on the Base Station? You should see all Ring Alarm devices nested under the Base Station when in the Devices menu.

Ah there it is, thank you! It must have automatically switched from a flat list (where base station and the sensors are siblings) to a nested view (where sensors are children of base station) when I added the doorbell.

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Hey @SoCalDad. That is correct. Devices of the same “family” become nested as your Ring system grows. I hope you’re enjoying your Doorbell.

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