iOS App - Long Hold Access to Live View - Not all cameras available

After migrating to a new iPhone, my Ring app no longer provides “instant” access to live view from all of my cameras. While I previously had a menu pop up listing all available cameras now, a long hold only shows my front doorbell.

No settings were changed in the Ring system itself - i.e., all of the camera settings are the same as they were before I switched iPhones.

Having quick access, to Live View, from the home screen was definitely convenient…especially with the deprecation of the Rapid Ring app. Can anyone provide me with any insight into how to restore instant access to the live view on iOS?

I’m also having Live View problem with iOS. My problem is I can record with Live View, but unable to playback. I’m using Ring app in iPad, and the gadget is only one have problem. With Android based phone, I can see those Live View videos without any problem. I also have not changed any setting of any cams. I noticed this problem about 2 days ago.

Follow UP: Live View is back to normal now. Thank you!

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Hi @ryangsanders. I was able to find this Community post where other neighbors are experiencing the same concern as you. There is a marked solution as well.

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So, we should be looking for this to be addressed in an update to the iOS app - if I am reading this correctly?

@ryangsanders. Yes, that is correct.

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