Invisible to the bare eyes, mist activating out door cam at night

Can any body help or has anybody else experienced this

the last couple of nights my back garden outdoor cam has been activated by a mist / smoke wafting down in front of the camera

this mist is not visible to the human eye but I can see it on live view on the iPad

I’ve stood out there at 2am viewing my iPad but unable to see it with my bare eyes, I’ve turned on my existing outdoor light to help see what it might be but still nothing but visible on the iPad

It’s not my boiler exhaust which does activate it sometimes but not on at 2am the boiler is off

I’m completely baffled has anybody else experienced this or do we have a ghost or ectoplasm or some other phenomena

I’m not nuts honestly

Hey there, @Sledge. This is certainly an odd occurrence to hear of, although, depending on your Camera model, a change in ambient temperature could trigger a motion or lights. Great call checking your boiler. I recommend also checking any other house exhaust sources such as dryer vent, heat exhaust, a chimney, or even an HVAC unit nearby.

It would be odd for such a hardly visible smoke to trigger a Camera but if the smoke/ mist is thick enough, it’s possible that light might refract off it in a way which causes detection. Of course, this is hypothetical and based on other variables. Feel free to include a video example of this concern the next time it occurs, and we can take a closer look! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley

thanks for responding to my post I will try to add video of the mist

there are no other heat sources other than the heating boiler anywhere near the camera & honestly the mist is completely invisible unless viewed on a device such as the iPad which I find really strange

the mist usually seems to come down over the camera from the roof area of our bungalow, the camera is mounted on the facia board below the gutter

these activations where happening every few minutes through the night

it seems like it only visible to the infrared light

i think I have attached a video

not sure as I’m new to this

Hope this makes sense to you as I’m in the UK so my description might use words that you aren’t familiar with.

I can’t figure out how to upload a video so here is a link to a gif I made. If this isn’t suitable can you let me know how to upload a video please