Invalid Multipass - Week 4 - Still not fixed

Since I can’t get support from the App or the web page let me try here. I am now going on week 4 of not being able to access information on the RING app nor the RING webpage. This will be my 5th attempt at getting this fixed.

The issue: When attempting to access SHOPS, or PRODUCTS, or PLANS or MOST of the site or app, I am greeted with _ Invalid Multipass request _. Each time I called I get the same response. “I looks like it has to do with the change of the primary email account address you made Mr. Elzie. This is not anything we can fix on this tech level but we can forward to our next level support. They should be able to get this addressed in 24 to 48 hours time.” Here we are, week 4 and nothing.

What have I tried:

  1. Contacting RING to fix the issue - RESULT: FAIL

  2. Login to website for other browsers - RESULT. FAIL.

  3. Clear cache/cookies - RESULT/ FAIL.

  4. Uninstall and resinstall the app from phone RESULT. FAIL.

  5. Use a different phone RESULT. FAIL.

I am beyond frustrated with the lack of support and lack of communication on getting this issue addressed. My original goal 4 weeks ago was to pay a full 100 as part of the offer for signing up rather than 10 dollars a month. The 100 would cover the year as part of the sign up. I can’t even get in to do that. I setup service for myself and may parents and at this point I want to pay anything I owe and get off this service after this experience. Please contact me with support that can actually fix the issue.

Sorry to hear about this experience @C7Sting. This should not be happening. You’ve definitely covered the right steps to resolve this concern, and I appreciate you sharing these details with us.

We’ve sent this over to the appropriate teams for review, to improve this experience going forward. Our support team will be the best assistance with this matter, but feel free to keep the Community updated on this concern, or of any solutions you find.

Thank you.

I have been in contact with a representative by email and on the 7th (yesterday) they made a few adjustments that addressed the issue. I am now able to access all parts of the web and android application with no issues.

The representative provided the following notation:

“I had contacted the Advanced Support team with the message you were seeing and it seems they have switched the billing email to make sure you can access all the features of your account.”

As I was orginally informed, it had to do with my request to update the primary email address on the account some time ago. As of today, I consider this addressed.


I’m having the same issue! Is there a number I can call directly or do I have to play phone tag for 4 weeks as well? I also changed the primary email on my account and now trying to access the store, I get the same Invalid Multipass message! Very frustrating!

Sorry to hear about this @KrabbeAquatics. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. In the meantime, I will also share this feedback with our teams here! :slight_smile:

This is sooo frustrating. I wish there was an easy fix. A shortcut for a phone number or email to keep from getting lost in the multiple levels of customer service.

I tried to contact Ring support through email - the previous thread associated with the issue. I received an email back "Be advised that we no longer offer suport via email. To reach our community support team, please visit one of the lings below: "

So I gave them a call. The rep was friendly enough, but had no idea what i was talking about (although this appears to be a frequent issue due to the others having this issue). She eventually “escalated” my problem to the Ring Support team who will be contacting me by … get this… email within 24 hours.


We will see. I think I know what has happened. Like most folks I have two email addresses. One is personal, one is for work. I’m in law enforcement. Years ago, I received a free Ring doorbell to try out. I used my work email to set up that account. Fast forward several years… .I built a new home and purchased a new Ring system. I set up an account with this new system and used my personal email account. When I did this, I spoke with an account rep who was supposed to have merged these accouts. Neither account was associated with the “other” email address. So there should be no conflicts. Somehow, IMHO, this is what has caused the situation and no one knows how to fix it.

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I got the same problem and phoned to Ring support for help! It’s now Feb 2021 but this problem still persists. Just wonder if any technical support handling about this.

Same thing, first had this happen in Feb 21. Am now on phone with support and unfortunately they have no clue what I’m talking about. I changed my email in Dec 19 and have not been able to purchase anything since. It’s now 11 months later and the same issue exists. So over 2 years and still an issue. Am still on hold and representative can’t get anyone to reply to her. My time limit is 1 hour. There are other security camera companies out there and they would love to have my money that Ring obviously doesn’t want.

I’ve been getting this multipass error since changing my email in Dec 2019. However, I’m still getting emails to the old address from Ring with marketing and your battery and warranty issues. WHY!!! I call every 6 months or so and get the same run around that “We’ve never heard of this before and you need to log out of your account and clear your cache and cookies.” The representative I was just talking to hung up on me.

I was able to get around this issue. My account has the multipass issue and I am not able to shop on ring. My wife also has an account for past purchases. I just used her account and it works. She is invited to my ring account and can see all the cameras and etc when she logs in. We will just continue to shop under her account. So, you can create a new account with a different GMail address and just use that to shop. Its not tied directly to your account but who cares.