Invalid email address when sharing

I recently installed Ring camera lights and doorbells. My wife downloaded the app and setup an account with her gmail email address. When I go to Share the installed devices to her gmail email address it says "Please enter a valid email address ".

It is a valid address and Ring accepted it when she setup her account. Why isn’t it accepted when I try to share the devices?

Hey @Enzo0406. Since your wife’s email was used to create the account and set up the devices, this means that your wife is the owner of the devices under that email address. Therefore, you will be unable to share the devices to her email, as her email is the account owner’s email. If you wish to be the shared user and see the devices under your own account with your own email, you’ll need to create an account with your email address and information, and then add yourself as a shared user for the devices. Alternatively, since it’s your wife’s email, I recommend having her log into this account on her phone, and then you both will have owner control. :slight_smile: