Introducing the new Ring Community

Introducing the new Ring Community!

It’s here! Welcome to the NEW Ring Community! We are so excited for our new forum, but want the transition from our old Community to be as easy as possible for our neighbors. This post will be your go-to point when you want to figure out how to do something or learn more about the new Ring Community platform. Keep in mind, as neighbors ask questions, new topics will be added so consider this your ‘North Star’ and check back periodically for updates.

Note: All directions here will use “click.” If you are on a phone, tablet, or other touch device, you will “tap.”

Ring Community Home Page
The Community is divided into three (3) Categories, some with topics built in.

Ring Updates on the left side of your screen, will house all Ring news and announcements, as well as Community specific updates / questions.

Tips + Tricks is home to Riley_Ring’s articles. Riley writes in-depth articles explaining commonly asked questions as well as App and Feature updates.

Moderators’ Corner is home to blog posts from our Community Moderators. Learn more about your Ring system from our team of Community Moderators; Caitlyn_Ring, Marley_Ring, and Tom_Ring.

Below, you’ll see The Products category marked with device specific icons. Got a question? Click on the icon that best fits which product you have a question on and submit a new topic. Keep in mind that the Ring App topic includes the Ring App, Rapid Ring, and Neighbors by Ring. Ring Integration includes Amazon Alexa + Ring and Key by Amazon topics, and General Questions houses the Ring Protect Plan topic for all your questions related to those plans.

Please note, underneath the Product icons, you’ll see the three topic sorting tabs; Latest, Top, Categories.

First, pick which category you’d like to filter - Welcome to the Ring Community, Products, UK Topics. From there, if you wish to view the most recent topics posted, click Latest. To view the topics with the most page views, click Top. You can organize Top topics by a certain time frame, such as day, month, year. To view all categories available, click Categories.

UK Topics is your home if you’re a neighbor located in the UK. We created this category for specifically for UK based neighbors to share their questions and receive assistance from other neighbors specific to your region.

Want to learn more about how this new platform works and operates? Check out our Community 101 New Member Guide here!

Think we should add more regions and topics? Comment below what you would like to see added!


In the Ring Community we used to have Signatures for forum posts.

Has this feature been removed as of the last forum update from November / December?

I would like to have a signature again.


I’m new to Ring, am enjoying the community forum.

I see there are two tags about the retrofit product…


could we get them merged?


@Chelsea_Ring - do you think you could please look into @YesThatAllen post? Thanks so much!!

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Why doesn’t this ring camera work like it should?? I have internet that’s not the problem. Some days it works as it should other days can’t even get it to open at all :rage:


@Smily feel free to create a post in the Doorbells Category with a bit more information , so other neighbors or a moderator can assist. If you haven’t already, give our support team a call for in depth troubleshooting as well :slight_smile:

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Hi we’re new to the Ring Community but look forward to learning all about the Ring and it’s features.

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I understand your frustration because I had the same problem when I first got my Ring set up. I could be wrong but I don’t think I am when I say it’s related to your Internet speed. Try going with a different router, calling your Internet provider and having them increase your speed and make sure you are not connected to the guest network or any sort of 5G network. It must be the 2.4 GHz. I hope this helps


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I would like to constructively work with someone on the user friendliness of the forum itself for those of us whose online experience is close to 100% smartphone, iOS in particular.

I tried to search existing posts about the Mailbox Sensor Battery, and then reply for more details and found the experience very frustrating and fruitless.

Thanks Jennifer

This feedback is very much appreciated, @Techbob! The Community is full of useful information to all neighbors in the form of posts and responses, and we certainly want to ensure our neighbors can reach it easily. Typing into the search field will present some quick suggestions, but hitting search, or “return” on the IOS keyboard, will provide a more detailed search with filter options.

As we are always looking to improve our neighbor experience, fee free to give further detail on which features or options could be improved or added here. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Is this an issue within your device? If you stand infront of the ring device does it highlight as if its recording?

A post was split to a new topic: Doorbell Wired install options

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Hi there, @Gedeputeerde! You’ve reached the Ring Community, a public neighbor to neighbor forum. As we value both your privacy and your security, we’ve edited the personal information out of your post. Please remember that the Community is public to all, and to not share personally identifiable information here. While the Community is filled with neighbors and Community team members to offer guidance, our support team does not monitor this platform. For more in-depth support, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Mine did the same thing. I’ve also been kicked out of seeing my doorbell cameras while not at home and had to reconnect them a few times. Very frustrating but hopefully now that I have a new router box, the problem will stop. It was weird, but so far so good. I hope this helps. :blush::crossed_fingers:t2:
*Only a week in with my new router.


I would just like for things to work… the app has a serious delay and the desktop won’t even open the control panel. I called support and I guess she didn’t want to help so she disconnected the call. SMH
Eufy here I come!


Have you found a fix to this yet? I have literally been calling every couple of days to complain that mine is trying to activate the device. It’s sooo frustrating!!

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Who would I contact to request that Ring allow for larger neighborhood areas in rural communities. The 5 mile radius doesn’t even cover my children’s school. Which would be nice.