Introducing Marley, Our Community Specialist

Greetings Neighbors! Marley here, your community specialist and encyclopedia for all things Ring related. I can’t wait to interact and team up with all of our community members, but first, allow me to introduce myself.

How long have you worked for Ring? Since December 2016, so over 2 years.

Preferred Ring device? The new Door View Cam really speaks volumes about our mission. It is by far the quickest Ring device to install, obtains an eye level view of visitors at your door, and is usually accepted by even the strictest of housing communities or HOAs. As a renter, I love that virtually anyone with a door can have one of these.

What are three fun facts about you?

  1. Was voted as “most random” in high school. The school held an exclusive picture day for these voted categories, this day was not announced to any students beforehand. For no reason whatsoever, I happened to wear a santa suit to school on this exact day, which was in May.
  2. Born and raised in Rhode Island. Being a whopping 37 miles wide and 48 miles long, somehow the state has 384 miles of shoreline, thus the name “Ocean State”. I now live in the mountainous desert of Arizona which, despite not having an ocean or fresh seafood, is a magnificent place.
  3. Have always wanted to be an astronaut and would most definitely spontaneously sign up for a space mission if the opportunity presented itself. Mostly to research extraterrestrial beings and living conditions on other planets.

**What is your favorite part about Ring Community? ** It’s a great place for positive interactions and a team atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing relationships sprout and witnessing how much a unified community can accomplish. Excited to see Ring grow with our Neighbors’ help, and watch their peace of mind grow with our help!

**What is your favorite part about Ring? ** The dedication and determination Ring has shown to achieve a mission, that has remained our #1 priority for years, regardless of what changes came our way; To reduce crime in communities.