Intercom widget needed

There are no entries here for the intercom product? Intercom is great but really needs a single button widget for smartphone home screen. I am certainly not the only user who would prefer to use the INTERCOM to allow myself into my building with keys and without opening app>dashboard>activate.

The software side of Ring, and in particular where it relates to the Ring Intercom, is a major letdown - the level of integration is poor, the Intercom is definitely a second class citizen, and convenience features like a widget are totally missing.

It still feels like the whole Ring Intercom concept is on trial and Ring haven’t yet gone “all in” on supporting it.

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I agree that an “Open button” Widget (Android) would be a great feature…


Would be nice to have a widget to put on the first page of the phone, that allows you to open a door without opening the ring app, select the ring device, and then open the door.
When I put the widget on the page I select the ring device, so if I click the widget button my door opens.
I need for Android but can be useful also for iOS

I agree - where is the iPhone widget that is visible on the Apple Watch - BASIC !

I honestly don’t get how this isn’t a thing yet. Ideally this would work with HomeKit, but at least give me a shortcut so I can trigger it in various other places, including Siri.