Intercom widget needed

There are no entries here for the intercom product? Intercom is great but really needs a single button widget for smartphone home screen. I am certainly not the only user who would prefer to use the INTERCOM to allow myself into my building with keys and without opening app>dashboard>activate.

The software side of Ring, and in particular where it relates to the Ring Intercom, is a major letdown - the level of integration is poor, the Intercom is definitely a second class citizen, and convenience features like a widget are totally missing.

It still feels like the whole Ring Intercom concept is on trial and Ring haven’t yet gone “all in” on supporting it.

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I agree that an “Open button” Widget (Android) would be a great feature…


Would be nice to have a widget to put on the first page of the phone, that allows you to open a door without opening the ring app, select the ring device, and then open the door.
When I put the widget on the page I select the ring device, so if I click the widget button my door opens.
I need for Android but can be useful also for iOS

I agree - where is the iPhone widget that is visible on the Apple Watch - BASIC !

I honestly don’t get how this isn’t a thing yet. Ideally this would work with HomeKit, but at least give me a shortcut so I can trigger it in various other places, including Siri.

It can’t be that hard to release a iOS Homescreen widget for the intercom. There already is a camera stream widget. Come on Ring!

Agree. It is awkward that Ring Intercom device is not available through the widget. It would be much more convenient to have the unlock button on home screen.
The message you get when trying to add widget, if Ring Intercom is your only device is especially confusing. Someting like: “To enable widgets, add a Ring device in Ring app” (???) It is added …

You may be interested that there are supports for ring intercom in HomeBridge and Home Assistant.
For HA it’s not official yet (waiting for it since april (see Add support for Ring Intercom by MartinPham · Pull Request #91600 · home-assistant/core · GitHub))
But inoffical it works fine and I’ve now a widget to open the door. Instructions: Add support for Ring Intercom by MartinPham · Pull Request #91600 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Under HomeBridge I dont know what is it capable of, because I dont use it. But maybe worth a try.

Hi, is this still not implemented? Also, all the other ring devices can be imported into Samsung Smart thing but there is no sign of the intercom.

It’s honestly annoying taking the phone, opening the ring APP and opening the door especially when your hands are full.

I have recently bought the intercom and, indeed, it is really annoying opening the ring APP every time you want access to your home and you have no free hands. An IOS widget and shortcuts integration is really really needed.