Intercom unlock inconsistent

I have installed Ring intercom in out apartment. It has two doors and one unlock button inside apartment, so it always unlocks the door which called the apartment intercom. All tests were fine and rimg intercom can open both doors, however the unlock is very inconsistent. Sometimes it opens the door straight away, very often second attempt(ring) works, but I also had to ring it 4 times to be able to unlock. However the app always say that dopr has been unlocked, even if the unlock failed. Intercom brand is Tegui, home phone model is T-72

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The Ring Intercom has not been designed to open apartment door. I can suggest to verify your home device using the compatibility checker in order to see all the possible option available with your handset.

Please have a look on the following link and follow the steps required from the tool: Ring Intercom Compatibility Checker

Hope this helps.

Hi, I may have said it wrong. Ring Intercom is not used to open apartment.

We do have 2 entrances with intercom, first I need to ring the apartment to open gate and after that I need to ring apartment again to open main building door. It works like this regardless of ring intercom being installed.

Sometimes it takes multiple attempts to ring the apartment and unlock the entrance from app, sometimes it works straight away.

The steps are:
I ring the apartment → app sends notification → I press unlock in app, app says door unlocked, but it is not(the door won’t even buzz)
If this happens, I need to repeat the steps above until the door are unlocked

It is totally random, sometimes it unlocks straight away, often on second attempt, the maximum number was 4 attempts so far