Intercom - Sluggish

Whilst my initial setting up was a hair pulling process due to the instructions being wrong and the connection of one of the cables was not detailed… so hope for everyone else this has now been updated.

If you have a FERMAX NR-0208 (Ref: 20440)

Y’all need to have:

A-1 - 3

A-2 - 6

A-3 - 2

A-5 - 1

A-6 - 4

This should only be adding the additional wire A-6 into port 4.

But… whilst I was able to unlock the door from within the app initially when I first got it working, without much delay, now I can’t.

When first testing and tapping unlock within the app, it made the building intercom unit beep, and unlock… now nothing.

I can call my apartment, but jees it’s slow. I was able to enter the building and when answering the ring app on my phone I was already in the lift and listening to the audio of me entering with a good 15-20 delay

My broadband is fibre, high speed, low latency and the Intercom is on 5GHz Wi-Fi, which isn’t set to go to sleep for any eco reason, so there shouldn’t be much else I can do to ensure this connection is stable and responsive.

Honesty I doubt anyone would be still waiting at the intercom once I answer given the delay.

Is this known, anyone else in the same boat?

Hey @user27744. I’ve moved this post over to the Accessories board where a few other Intercom posts were created, as there were a few neighbors that may have some helpful knowledge for your question. If you don’t receive an answer on this post, please reach out to our Intercom support team directly here so they can take a closer look.

I’d say I get about a 5-6 second audio delay. The audio quality - not volume or sensitivity, which are both fine - isn’t great, it seems like a really low-bitrate audio codec. Hopefully they can improve that in future.

I’m on Hyperoptic fibre 1Gbps connection with a Ubiquti U6-LR access point.

Isn’t the Ring Intercom only capable of 2.4GHz WiFi? I generally put IoT stuff on 2.4GHz so can’t remember if it found my 5GHz SSID but the Ring specs say it’s 2.4GHz only.

My biggest issue is that Android Talk/Unlock notifications are very hit and miss (mostly miss) whereas Alexa notifications work every time/on time, so I know the Ring Intercom is alive and responding to the Call button being pressed, but the Android Talk/Unlock phone notifications don’t always arrive on time.

I can be at home with Alexa (Echo Dot Gen 4) and my Android 10 phone both connected to the same WiFi, and then there’s someone at the front door… Alexa will immediately start to bing-bong to tell me someone is at the front door, but my Android phone will remain totally silent, oblivious to the visitor. Eventually a Talk/Unlock notification may arrive on the phone 5-10 minutes after the event (sometimes, there’s never any Talk/Unlock phone notification). Other times, the Android Talk/Unlock phone notification works perfectly and arrives immediately. It’s very frustrating.

To be honest, this Talk/Unlock phone notification problem makes the whole remote-unlocking concept a bit rubbish, really, as any visitor will be long gone by the time the Android Talk/Unlock phone notification arrives to tell you someone is outside your home. Not entirely sure if this is a Ring issue, or an Android issue (suspect the latter).

I guess Amazon Auto-Verify will still work fine though, which for some users will still be a win.