Hi, I’m a loyal customer of yours, I have various ring products such as the video intercom, etc. As last product I bought RING INTERCOM which unfortunately disappointed me a lot; after a few months I think a couple of normal functioning RING INTERCOM stopped working unfortunately it remains stuck in opening mode so much so that I had to disconnect it because otherwise the electric lock would burn. I can no longer use it and it annoys me so much an excellent brand like RING and there is no guarantee? How should I behave now? Isn’t there a product replacement? Also because in this way it is unusable.
I hope you will solve this annoying problem for me!!!

Hi @massimo52. Welcome to the Ring Community! We’d be happy to take a look at this with you. Please let us know which traditional intercom the Ring Intercom is wired to and send us a picture of your wiring. We look forward to supporting you more.