Intercom does not work on Came BPT YKP/300

I have purchased an Intercom because of the advertised compatibility with Came BPT YKP/300 intercoms. I installed it following the steps in the app (using cable B to plug wires B1 and B2 in port B). It’s also worth noting that the existing cables are also plugged into port B, so it looks like the suggested wiring is good.

The test after the installation does not complete successfully and even skipping the test does not work.

I am attaching a screenshots to confirm the wiring.
Any piece of advice would be very welcome!

Hi @eddienst. I’d suggest following up with our Intercom support team so they can review the installation and help get this resolved. You can also find information about the Intercom here in our Help Center, which may help answer any other questions you have.