Intercom and Comelit 6701W

I installed Ring Intercom on a Comelit 6701W simplebus 2 wires.
Setup was easy. The problem is that if I try to open the door from the app I can only do it with the third click of the button.
Moreover I don’t hear badly who speaks from outside and they don’t hear me at all. The configuration failed, but I forced it to allow me to use the application.
I’ve contacted Ring Support but haven’t received a response yet.
This is the wiring.

Do you have any suggestions?

Hi @Elle4. You can find lots on information about troubleshooting the intercom in this thread here.

Hello, no ways unofrtunately. An user called Zava said that Ring support resolved with a non specificate new configuration on his Comelit 2408 (2 wires digital, like mine)

As far they fixed the bad audio but not the other issue: ring intercom opens the door only at second/third click

Hi @Elle4 ! Thanks for getting back to us. Can you confirm that you’re currently still in touch with our support team via email? From what you’re describing, this sounds like something our team would like to investigate further to make sure we’re finding a solution for you. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Yes I’m in contact with them but since may

Hi Elle4,
I have the exact same problem with my 6701W, poor audio and difficult to open door through the “call” screen.
What I do notice is that if I open the door through the shortcut icon at the main Ring screen, the door opens immediately.
Can you please let me know how you did improve audio?