Intercom and Comelit 6701W

I installed Ring Intercom on a Comelit 6701W simplebus 2 wires.
Setup was easy. The problem is that if I try to open the door from the app I can only do it with the third click of the button.
Moreover I don’t hear badly who speaks from outside and they don’t hear me at all. The configuration failed, but I forced it to allow me to use the application.
I’ve contacted Ring Support but haven’t received a response yet.
This is the wiring.

Do you have any suggestions?

Hi @Elle4. You can find lots on information about troubleshooting the intercom in this thread here.

Hello, no ways unofrtunately. An user called Zava said that Ring support resolved with a non specificate new configuration on his Comelit 2408 (2 wires digital, like mine)