Integrated Z-wave alert and emergency lighting

My thoughts. Ring fully integrated z-wave alert and emergency lighting device using LED strip lights. The device could be deployed in each home/business zone (I.e. living room, dining room, basement, etc.) where if a sensor is tripped, the LED lights turn on (or flash) in that zone with a specific color like RED to provide a visual indication (could be useful to someone who’s hearing impaired) of where the sensor was tripped. In addition, these strip lights could have battery backup and detect when primary power drops and automatically turn on (white color or other) as emergency lighting. Can be manually controlled from the app as maybe “mood lighting” or even incorporate a schedule within the app to control the light timing if emergency lighting turns on, but not needed at moment. I don’t think there’s anything currently available that goes to that level of incorporation with the Ring app. Also, you could have of these devices in let’s say the master bedroom as a silent/visual alert by flashing some annoying color when alarm sensor is triggered . I’d buy a few of those:)