Integrate MyQ camera into Ring

I find it frustrating that the MyQ integration with Ring does not include the garage door cameras. It would be nice if this could be integrated so I could save to my Ring Alarm / Protection video history. I don’t plan on paying for a separate plan from MyQ for another 30 / 100 bucks a year for one camera when I already pay for Ring. Since the MyQ had integration I assumed this included their cameras which is obviously not the case.

I agree with Sollabe. I recently purchased 2 x Chamberlain Garage Door Openers that include cameras. Part of the buying decision was that these units were supposed to be linkable to the Ring App. I completed the linking process and then discovered there is no access to the Chamberlain cameras within the Ring Ap. Frustrating and my bad. I have 16 x Ring cameras and the Ring Protect Plus plan. I most certainly will not be paying a separate fee to Chamberlain when I can simply install one of my old Ring Stickup Cams to cover the garage.

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Greetings! As stated in my post, “my bad.” While there is no specific statement that I know of saying the Chamberlain/LiftMaster camera equipped garage door openers will also integrate the cameras to the Ring App, the illusion and assumption is certainly there. The MyQ webpage for Ring integration (Ring | myQ) alludes to this by showing images of camera views on a phone, statement of “monitoring” capability and, shows one of their garage door openers that is equipped with a camera. This all while not specifically providing a disclaimer to the fact there is no camera integration. And of course the assumption of camera integration is automatically there since Ring is all about cameras and the openers now have a camera option. Anyway, the hope remains that Ring and Chamberlain will enhance their integration capabilities to include the camera. Perhaps it all boils down to whether their relationship is that of partners or competitors . . .


I agree wholeheartedly with what you said