Instant Coyote Alert Feature

I would like a feature where we can instantly report a wild animal such as a coyote instead of having to create a tradition post.

Also, the exact location of a post is always made private. For the case of an animal sighting, the exact location would be crucial to keeping our pets safe.

Thoughts anyone?

How about if you live in an area that is frequented by coyotes or other potentially dangerous wild animals, you keep an eye on your own pets or keep them indoors out of danger? My pets are always in fenced in areas where the coyotes around me can’t get too.
The reality is by the time any “notice” is made of a wild animal in the area they are typically gone.

No, they hunt a territory. We’re huge animal lovers, and we even keep a GPS tracker on our cat. He’s trained and only visits a few houses.

Sure, I can do that… OR Amazon can develop this feature that gives our pets some more freedom. I’d pay for it.

And push notifications are instant. People that care will see them. People just need a way to instantly report it.

But thank you.

Guess you don’t love birds if you let your cat out to hunt in your neighborhood, trained or not.
A few of my neighbors are like you and they let their cats outside without supervision and they’ve became meals for various wild animals.

Anyway, good luck with your requested feature.