Installing replacement wired Ring doorbell… (UK)


I have had a Ring Doorbell Pro hardwired (by an electrician) into the supplied transformer as I’m in the UK, for the last couple of years. All has been working fine, but the button cracked badly. Ring kindly offered to send a replacement unit, with prepaid delivery to send the damaged unit back.

The new doorbell Pro doesn’t come with a transformer. I was hoping that it would be like for like, and I’d be confident in just removing the old doorbell from the existing wiring and putting the new one on…. However, the new one comes with a wired adapter (2nd gen) instead of a transformer.

Am I over thinking things? Will the new unit work with my existing transformer/wiring, and I can send back the wired adapter, or should I send it all back and ask Ring to resend with a unit that works with a transformer???

Basically I don’t want to plug the new one in, and it go bang!!!


Just turn the power off to the doorbell, and swap it over. You don’t need to touch anything else. The doorbell is the same as you had, just has a different power adapter with it.