Installing a Ring Doorbell Wired with a very old two wire chime?


I have a Ring Doorbell Wired and one of the steps is to jump the appropriate cables in your existing chime. My problem, though, is that my chime is very old and painted so I am unable to identify it, find a wiring diagram, or recognize my next steps. All of the instructions I’ve seen have chimes with three wires, while mine only has two.

The chime looks like this:

Any thoughts or feedback is appreciated. Thanks

Hi @user52166. Are you able to share a picture of what the inside of your chime kit looks like? There should be a wire leading to the transformer and a wire leading to the front door, and the jumper cable needs to be installed on both of these terminals in the chime kit. You can find the diagram here, demonstrating the two wires that make up the doorbell circuit.