Installing a Ring Doorbell Pro 2 hardwired in the UK with no previous doorbell

In the UK you don’t provide powerkits in the box.

How can I install a Ring Doorbell Pro 2 safely? Can I hook the doorbell with a wire that feeds into the fuse box and put the Transformer there?

Please don’t link me to a video or some guidance as the above is all I need to know.

All you need to do is be able to get a live supply to the transformer then the output from this to the bell. In the UK a 24v DC transformer comes in the box. Its 240v in and 24v DC out. I had an electrician do it for me and I am not 100% on electrics but basically took a live feed from the lighting circuit as there was a switch near the door and then out to the doorbell. Tucked the transformer away in a wylex single din enclosure. Its bread and butter for an electrician to do.

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