Installed pan and tilt but controls as not showing

So I installed pan and tilt. Camera is still working but no sign of where the control are?

I’ve restarted Ring
I’ve tried via
Surely if the camera is still working and the accessory is plugged in then it means it’s active with power going through it?

Hi @Thecount. Once you are on the Live View, you’ll see a button on the bottom right hand side that says Rotate. Tap the to bring up the rotate controls.

This (above) is the response to the issue that is saying that the 'button on the bottom right hand side that says Rotate" IS NOT THERE. You can not control pan/tilt if the control buttons are not on the screen at all. I am having the same problem. It works on the Iphone but the pan/tilt control option BUTTONS/CONTROLS are not present on windows desktop or on my ipad mini. WHY?

Hi neighbors. The Pan-Tilt Mount can be controlled via the Ring app on your phone. When you open the Live View, you’ll see four arrows which allow you to control the Pan-Tilt Mount. Each tap on the left or right arrow will rotate the camera 15 degrees. Each tap on the up and down arrow will tilt the camera up or down five (5) degrees. This is only available in the Ring app, not on