Installation hangs at "searching for devices"

I’ve reached the point when, after being told to get close to the Cam wired and to prepare to select the Ring network (it’s showing on my phone), the program is “searching for devices” and none are found. I’m standing directly under the cam, the light is flashing, bluetooth is on. What should I try next? TIA

While hoping for a response here, via net searches without effect I’ve tried

  • smart switch is off
  • using another phone
  • router is not blocked
  • resetting by pushing until the light flicker pattern changes and the cam starts up again

Hi @wearnest. What type of phone are you using and what version of the Ring app is installed? Are you using a VPN on your device? When your Cam is in setup mode, do you see the Ring network appear if you have your network settings menu open on your phone? What specific model Cam do you have?