Installation at second [parents] property

I have a Ring alarm with protect plus at my address and it’s working great. My mum, however, lives on her own with an old, wired alarm system that is slowly failing. I am looking into the possibility of fitting her a new Ring alarm system.
She is 88 and does not have a smart phone/device so it is not possible for her to use the Ring app.
I obviously do have a smart device with the Ring app installed. I have a couple of questions.

The installation at mum’s house will be completely independent of mine and will not have a protect plan associated with it. The difficulty I have is the Ring app issue. Can I have a second, completely separate alarm system associated with my Ring app so I can set it up and monitor her house as well as mine?

Thank you.

Hi @JemTheWire. The Ring app is completely capable of controlling multiple locations. When a new device is setup, you’ll be prompted to ent er the address and once setup, you’ll be able to toggle between the addresses. You can learn more here.

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