*Innovation Idea* Lightbulb Camera

I live in a townhome with high rooflines and there isn’t a great way for me to monitor my driveway (doorbell points opposite direction). Hoping Ring can come up with a lightbulb camera. Camera/light combo that screws into an existing lightbulb socket and is powered by it. If I had one, I could install in one of my exterior garage lights. I see other companies make them but I have an entire Ring system and want it all on one app. Eliminates the need for batteries or cords by using the existing hardware.

I came into the forum to see if this was being discussed. I would buy a bunch of those.


Shocked this is not being offered. Waaayyy easier than having to mount something or deal with batteries or wires. This would sell like hotcakes. Is Ring entertaining this? Can you give us any feedback?

I’d buy these too! :heart: I’ve been shopping around and was hoping RING was the answer.