Inline Battery Pack Option For Car Cam

I’ve had my CarCam for a few weeks, and I have one major frustration with it: battery life when parked. The whole point of this cam was to protect my car when it’s parked in addition to when I’m driving. The fact that I’m lucky if the camera stays running for more than about 4 hours with a brand new vehicle battery after a long highway drive is just pathetic. Additionally, if I’m parked too long and forget to download a functionally useless 1 minute clip from the camera, it’s stranded on the device until I go down to my basement parking space, start my engine, and download the miniscule video.

All of these issues could be solved by offering an inline battery pack that uses existing Ring batteries like the Peephole cam. You could even have it charge during a drive. The fact that the cam only runs for a couple hours before dying a painful death basically makes it useless to me, and it’s unfortunate that this limitation was not disclosed in the documentation, especially when this sort of feature is supported by competing cameras at half the cost that don’t include a monthly fee (which should automatically upload all videos to the cloud, though it doesn’t).

I agree a LifePo4 battery pack would be pretty sweet that should be able to handle the heat.

Completely agree here. The whole point of this cam was to protect my new car when it’s parked for longer period of time. Additional battery pack has to be an available option instead of OBD port being the only option to charge the cam that shuts off quickly.

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I have the same issue. This is not a security camera if the device keep shutting down due to a low car battery. It’s just a very expensive dash cam

In my new car it shuts down about 4 hours after a drive…useless as it does not stay on at night when the protection is needed…worthless car cam imho