indoor stick up cam ideas

I have several ideas on how to improve the Ring indoor stick up cams. First, let me tell you my purpose for purchasing. Baby/child monitoring. I have read many a complaint on one of my main issues (no ability to continuously stream past the 10 min timeout) and there are several I haven’t seen mentioned so I am reaching out in hopes it won’t continue to fall on deaf ears. Because it seems it has so far. <br>Previously purchased a Motorola system at Best Buy with a handheld monitor and wifi capabilities because those 2 things together are hard to find. Turns out didn’t use the handheld like I thought I would. Pricey at $250. And glitchy, picture was grainy, colors not great, would go into night vision in broad daylight, app (Hubble) was ok but like the fact that with Ring I can operate out of one app (have a video doorbell, home security system, and smart lock). Boyfriend/father of child lives 400 miles away and need the ability for him to be able to see his daughter from afar and check on home when need be. Was constantly getting notifications by my internet provider that someone was attempting unauthorized access into the cameras, and a few times noticed the LED streaming light on when no one should have been watching us ?YIKES…Soooo, for $60/piece I thought I would take Ring cams for a spin and here are my thoughts. More cons than pros honestly. <br>PROS: Resolution is great, picture quality, colors, zoom, no complaints.<br> Ease of set up and connection to existing network.<br> Central location of all cams/security-related measures in one app. <br> It hasn’t been hacked or no attempts have been made to my knowledge. <br><br>CONS: LITERALLY everything else…no ability to pan the camera, no temperature detection, hate the way you mount it, that dang 10 min timeout which makes it impossible to use as a baby monitor which it seems to be falsely marketed as, no ability to view a live view from the dashboard unless you have motion detection turned on which is not feasible in your living spaces when multiple people are milling about, no ability to keep the app open in a pop-up view in a small window on your device while you do other things like the other app I had. I was able to text and look online and multitask with my phone or tablet while still having a small window open with audio. It also would play music and lullabies lol. <br>Honestly this whole thing is making me want to start using my Motorola monitors again, but gosh I really like the picture on the Ring cameras. Fix it please!!! Especially the 10 min timeout. A temp reading on all cams wouldn’t be a bad option. My doorbell, outdoor and indoor cams, I can think of many applications for a thermometer. <br>I really want to love these, and would be willing to pay more for a souped up version of the basic that did all these extra things. Food for thought. But the timeout is non-negotiable. Gotta be rectified. Cmon Ring. Not asking for endless storage. If other cams can do it, so can you.

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