Indoor Camera 2nd gen cannot be added to older iOS app

Bought another indoor cam but cannot add it to my trusty iPad that does all things Smart in our house … up until now. It says we need a newer version of the app to see this new camera but it is not available on older iOS devices. As a result the new camera keeps making the awful jingly sound every minute or two when the camera detects motion. I don’t want to switch off all notifications as this iPad also controls our Ring alarm and is used to keep an eye out for when our dog is moving about the back of the house. I have tried everything I can think of but no success, any ideas from anyone please…

Hi @Verricom. In order to use the newest Ring devices that are released, you need to always have the latest version of the Ring app. We have this Help Center page with information on mobile device compatibility. If you have a phone or tablet that cannot download the latest version of the Ring app, you will have to look into getting a device that can. You can also reach out to Apple to find out if you can update your iPad’s iOS to a version that the Ring app supports.

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