Independent motion zones and separate notification zones.

Two ideas which I think would be useful.

We have a peephole camera and a floodlight camera.

  1. The floodlight camera has a single sensitivity for the 3 motion zones. It would be great it those were independent. e.g. maximum range on the sides but shorter range in center so the lights don’t trigger when a car drives down the street.

  2. You can set multiple ‘zones’ but they all use the same settings. It would be gret if you could specify different settings, e.g. notify or don’t notify, for each zone.
    You could then have a zone close to the house that will send you a notification for movement and have another zone that is further away, say covering the street, that simply records but does not notify.

And thirdly, pleas fix the app so that it can send notifications to echo show devices and actually have the echo show respond and show the video.


Would love to see this for the doorbell pro as well (Motion Zones so that Zone 1 only records and Zone 2 will record & send me a notification) etc.

Agreed! I have a zone for my road, driveway and yard. I want notifications from 2 of the 3 and lights for just 1
I also wish the recordings were grouped by zone so I can easily review the driveway or yard recordings without sifting through the road zone recordings.