Independent Motion Zone Control

Independent motion zone control should allow one zone to create alerts, activate lights, honor time schedules etc. BUT THEN A SEPARATELY DEFINED ZONE ON THE SAME CAMERA would allow a DIFFERENT set of alerts, light control etc.

The primary use case - and I have seen several variations on the feature boards:
Camera on front of house:

  • want one zone to cover street and want video of street activity - BUT NOT MOTION ALERTS
  • and then a separate zone of my front yard/driveway WHERE I DO WANT MOTION ALERTS

Summary: independent control of each defined motion zone

Agree. I made a zone for road and sidewalk and one for yard. I’d like them all to record but I only want a notification when someone is in my yard… Why this is not configurable per zone is ridiculous actually…

Yes i would like my additional Zones to only be active over night when there is limited to no human or vehicle traffic and no light to come on as it takes too long to adjust.