Increase “unlock time” on ring intercom

Have setup the ring intercom at my flats and it’s working well - but what would be great is if we had an option to configure the time the “unlock” button actually unlocks the door for - whilst it works it maybe too short in some cases so this being configurable would be great!

I’ve got one arriving Friday, and had hoped this would be configurable (ie. a time in seconds).

Maybe the default duration will be sufficient in my case, but allowing this to be adjusted to suit the peculiarities of the individual building would seem like a very good idea.

The door unlock on my particular building is virtually silent (there’s only a click and no buzz when the door is unlocked, as it’s a relay not a solenoid) and this often causes confusion if the person trying to gain entry isn’t quick enough to push on the door while it is unlocked.


Hopefully it works well for you! I think ours will be ok in most cases but there maybe an occasion when a longer unlock time would be beneficial - hopefully this is something which can be built into the app to be configured later on!


Im struggling on the test bit it keeps failing i have wired it all correctly, did you have any issues setting it up?

Hey neighbors, thank you for sharing your feedback here. I’m glad to hear the Ring Intercom is working well so far, and the Feature Request board was the correct place to add your suggestions regarding the unlock time.

@Heych For troubleshooting assistance, I’d recommend posting your question in the UK General Questions or UK Accessories boards. A member of our team or another neighbor can then help answer your question. :slight_smile:

Generally the door unlock duration is not controlled by how long the relay is actuated for. In your existing system do you need to keep the unlock button pressed for the door to remain unlocked? Or pressing it just once is sufficient and releasing it is suffiicient? If latter case, then being able to configure the relay duration would probably not help in your case.

I can’t answer for @Simps100 but with the Came/BPT System 200 that I have, the door lock will remain unlocked for as long as the button on the handset is held down (very simple 4-wire system, obviously!) - push the button to unlock, release the button to (re-)lock.

Fortunately the fixed 5 second unlock period used by the Ring Intercom seems to be sufficient so far, however allowing the user to configure the unlock period (usually, to extend I would imagine) might help fix some corner cases (imagine, disabled access etc.).

This is how mine works too - door is unlocked for as long as the button is held down.

Issue I have is the buzzer to suggest door is unlocked isn’t always heard so I’ve had some awkward moments unlocking it and them missing the 5 seconds.

If this could be configurable for longer would fix the only issue I’ve had with the system so far!

I would also love to see this feature.

In my use case I have the intercom set to control a gate and a front door. A press less than 5 seconds opens the gate and a press longer than 5 seconds opens the gate and the door. At the moment I’m unable to unlock the gate and door together as the default unlock time appears to be 3 seconds.

This really needs to be configurable as many people will need to alter the duration. It may be the intercom is a short walk from the door or that the lack of a buzz sound means some people need longer to attempt to open.

I would like to be able to define the “buzz open” time for my Ring intercom. In my use case, this is because I have a gate and a door that are unlocked in series dependent on the length of time the buzzer is pushed.

push 5s or less = unlock gate only
push 5s or more = unlock gate and front door

So by defining the buzz time it gives me control over what exactly Ring intercom is unlocking.

I suspect there will, however, be lots of users where the ‘buzz open’ time would be useful to define as the intercom may be a distance from the door to be unlocked etc.

See previous request.

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@neilm-uk Thanks for pointing out that these two requests were similar. We typically merge similar requests together in an effort to consolidate duplicates and get a better idea of which feature requests are the most popular. :slight_smile:

The ring DOES determine itself how long the lock is open as it is only newer programed client based building intercom systems that the system defines opening time. Newer client based systems like this generally are not even compatible with intercom.

For some the opening time maybe too short but for me it is too long. It would be nice to select the opening duration. I also use a sonoff relay with which I can set the time in milliseconds for relay closure.

Hi all,

In my case, It’s sufficient 0,5s to open the gate and the front Door. I think, this Is a necessary feature to self adjust the time.

Voted :slight_smile:

Hi, I would like the feature to change the opening time because now it’s too long and my door wont open until the button is released

Voted. I also would like to customize the unlock time, definitely too long for me.

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Same here, i hope that this feature will be integrated soon

I think it would be very useful and interesting in the next firmware versions of Ring Intercom to give each user the possibility to choose the duration of the door opening activation, currently I think there are really too many seconds for contact activation but it would be nice for each user according to their needs , and based on where he is going to install it, he can choose the seconds and activation duration of the opening contact command directly from the app.

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