Increase smart bulb brightness when motion is detected

I recently called Ring customer service to get support for my new Ring PAR38 smart bulb. I purchased this bulb to install in my front porch fixture with the intent of leaving it on all night on a schedule at 10% brightness and then having it increase to 100% if my Ring Doorbell Pro picked up motion for a set amount of time. Unfortunately, Ring does not support this functionality at this time. The advanced customer support agent mentioned that this would be a great function for Ring to explore and his personal setup would even benefit from it. Hopefully the right Ring personnel will see this post and work on making this a function that could be enabled on future updates.

I was able to get this to work, although I have slightly different hardware (A19 bulb and Doorbell 2020 version) so maybe it doesn’t work under all configurations.

Anyway, here is what I did:

I created a light schedule for the A19 bulb and set the brightness in the schedule to the lowest setting. After doing that, I went back into the A19 bulb configuration and made sure the brightness slider was at the maximum. Then I went into the doorbell configuration and went into Linked Devices. In there I set it to turn on the light group that my A19 bulb is in whenever motion detected.

With that configuration the bulb is at the lowest brightness normally but will ramp up to max brightness whenever the doorbell detects motion. The only part I didn’t verify was whether the bulb would stay at maximum brightness for the entire auto-shutoff time set in the light group. There used to be a glitch where light groups activated by cameras would not follow the auto-shutoff time setting and would only stay on for a shorter period of time, and I don’t know if that’s been resolved. I will do some further checking into that.

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This worked for me - thank you.

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