Inappropriate content / flagging not working

I made a community post this morning (gunfire heard) and had a couple of inappropriate comments so I flagged them. They disappeared from my feed, but others continued to respond and I continued to get messages/alerts on my smartwatch so something’s not working right.

On a related note, what is the process for permanent ban of users who consistently violate community standards? I’m pretty sure no one finds the comment “I farted”, in response to a gunfire heard post funny or helpful. This is always the same person btw. The spam that followed my post finally prompted me to delete it. I probably won’t post again. Neighbors app is virtually useless like this.

You’re talking about the Neighbors app and not his community right? I don’t think what you said would offend anyone but these days everyone has thin s k i n . You most likely got replies to your post since it sends out alerts and emails at times. They were responding to your original post. You can mark the posts as inappropriate and a Moderator will look into it at some point.

LOL, The word s k i n is blocked on here… wow!