In Live View, Add the Ability to Go Back A Minute or Two

Please add the ability to back a minute or two in Live View.

I usually find Live View useless because by the time it has loaded up, the person or car that triggered the event has left. I then have to go to Event History and wait a minute or two for the event to be available there to see what happened.

Ring started recording the instant the event occurred (or perhaps is continuously recording as evidenced by the few seconds that often proceed the appearance of a person or vehicle), so please make those earlier seconds/minutes available to the user directly from within the Live View application through a rewind/time step back function.

(Note - I am using a Samsung J3 Android device)


Isn’t this a feature on the new ring doorbell 3 plus? I don’t think Ring will roll it out to other products for free. They will probably roll it out to all next generation products as an added benefit to make people upgrade.

This would be a great idea! Similar to

police bodycams. The technology exists. Please add!