Improvement for Security Device

Just want to share some thoughts with you after started using Ring Security system. Since I have used few other security systems before, I found that the keypad is too simple but lack of some features. For example, there is no LED light indicated the alarm has been armed visually from a distance. I do not want to access to my phone every time. If my wife armed the alarm STAY, I wouldn’t know until I check the base (Red light ON) or check the phone status. Also, it is not convenience to put in the code # before arming STAY or AWAY. We should be able to just press the STAY or AWAY button once to activate. You might say the extra step by putting the code before arming in case of accidentally hit the button. In fact, it never happened when we had the old system. Plus the alarm will sound when you press the button. You can just clear the function right away. Last thing I want to mention is if there are any malfunction contacts need to Bypass, the keypad speaker should announce the specific location need to be Bypassed. We do not want to open the app and check. It is just not efficient. I love the low monthly charge and I hope I can see the improvement in the nearly future.