Improved navigation of Snapshots

Currently snapshots seem to show up on the timeline within the app but are VERY hard to navigate, seemingly because the app is trying to be “overly” user friendly. For example:

  1. when swiping from live view to navigate the timeline, it automatically starts to play/move while I am trying to stop on a single point. This makes it extremely difficult to stop on the desired snapshot and view it. Please turn OFF this autoplaying by default and require the user hit play to activate that.

  2. when the snapshot is close to a live event, the “snapping” of the live event is so aggressive that there is actually no way to view that snapshot!

  3. please allow the right and left arrows to step through the snapshots one by one rather than just snapping to events to improve the experience.

  4. Please make these available on the webapp and windows app for even more control