Improve the delete videos function

I’m trying to find videos of someone or something potentially digging small holes in my yard, but it likely goes back weeks if not months before I can even find the video.

I was intending to remove videos as I went, but the problem is, is that the system clearly can’t handle bulk removal requests. I had over 400 videos selected in sequence and it would just give an error that something went wrong.

I understand that typically bulk removals in any system can be problematic, but our only options are to either delete an undetermined number of videos we select manually, or delete all.

We need more control on how we can remove bulk numbers of videos. Let me delete by days, or weeks.

I’m also kind of bumming off of the filter for dates and time that’s been suggested and highly voted for, because this improved feature can be built with it.

So I suggest:

  1. Clarity of what number of videos are acceptable to delete via manual selection. ( You guys know what the number is, just put it on a banner or something)

  2. Implement a time/date filter for custom ranges.

  3. Additionally, I wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of index on how many videos exist within a timespan either.

  4. Allow users to flag/mark videos as they watch them to remove bulk videos. No one can reasonably watch hundreds of videos and delete them one at a time.

These are basic level features that can bring granular control and a positive customer experience.