Improve Ring App Dashboard to allow 3 or 4 camera views per row instead of 2

Please improve the Ring App dashboard on IOS and other devices to allow tiling the Camera views to view in grid mode 3 or 4 horizontal cameras per row instead of just 2, And have a mode where you can have a black background and just have the dashboard grid view of cameras only in full screen taking up all available space to have a kind of overview monitor and have it refresh as per the snapshot settings.

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This is especially important for those with multiple cameras - e.g. iif you have 9+ cameras its nicer to see all 9in a 3x3 grid and for those with 10 or 12 cameras needs 4 x 3 grid to see all screens at once.

Please also expand to take up FULL screen real estate so the camera images are bigger and clearer.


I second this (and third it and fourth it!)

The dashboard view should make better use of the available space, and even better yet, allow the user to size the thumbnail images. Then fit as many across as you can, then do as many rows of that many tiles to show all the cameras. Allows the user to have it view as many cameras at once as they like.

Also, for AC powered cameras, offer the ability to see the live view in the dashboard, simultaneously for all AC powered cameras. I understand that you wouldn’t want to do this with battery powered cameras - you could have those refresh based on the snapshot settings as mentioned above.


Agree (and yes, this is still a problem)!
The iOS app looks great on my phone but on my iPad Pro, there is more white space than actual content. Also, the camera previews look smaller than on my phone. Please allow for a proper landscape mode that leverages the real estate on larger screens.